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Quality Poultry Feed Products

Nature Pro provides full service and sales support to poultry producers. Our team of professionals constantly seeks to improve its products and services for the benefit of its clients and partners.

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The Nature Pro team focuses on empowering its business partners to obtain sustainably high productivity and profitability. Our clients achieve greater success because Nature Pro products and services are based on International standards and technology.

More About Us

About Us

Nature Pro feed products are produced by Natural Agro in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and by Oasis Agro in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, wholly owned subsidiaries of Dutch Nature, Renkum.

Nature Pro feeds are based on premixes produced by Koudijs, a Dutch feed company. Oasis Agro (founded in 2008) and Natural Agro (founded in 2010) are dealers for Koudijs premixes in Central Asia. Nature Pro feeds are produced according to European feed quality standards.

The Oasis Agro Company

In 2008 the Oasis Agro Company began in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, focused on producing the highest quality feeds in Central Asia and empowering local families to start and run their own highly productive, small-scale egg farms.

Oasis Agro produces high quality feeds consistent with international standards, trains clients in all aspects of poultry farm construction and management, and supplies clients with high quality European breeds of laying hens. Initially Oasis Agro imported chicks from Europe, but has since imported and manages their own Coral parent stock.

The Natural Agro Company

In 2010 Oasis Agro established the Natural Agro Company in Bishkek in order to expand its mission of producing quality feeds and promoting small-scale egg production in the northern part of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Natural Agro and Oasis Agro have collectively trained, supplied, and supported families to set up and operate hundreds of egg farms throughout the Kyrgyz Republic, including in every Oblast.

Dutch Nature, Renkum B.V.

Both Oasis Agro and Natural Agro are subsidiaries of Dutch Nature, Renkum, an agricultural company based in the Netherlands.


Egg Production Training

This four-day training course covers everything one needs to know to set up and operate a small-scale egg farm (from 500 to 25,000 layers). We are licensed by the Kyrgyz Republic to provide this training and certify participants.

Consultation Services

Our technical staff includes veterinarians, poultry and feed specialists, and hen house construction specialists. Each of them are available for supporting our feed clients.

Training Future Poultry Producers to Start Their Own Egg Farms Graduates of our Poultry Training Course


Finished Feeds

Our Finished Feeds for pullets, layers, broilers, and turkeys meet all nutritional requirements for health and high productivity.

Feed Concentrates

Our Feed Concentrates for pullets, layers, broilers, and turkeys allow our clients to make finished feeds themselves, reducing their feed costs. Concentrates can be customized to meet special requirements.


Oasis Agro has a European breed of chicken that produces the popular cream-colored eggs. Oasis Agro manages a flock of parent stock and operates its own hatchery at its farm in Osh.

Raised Pullets

Through professional management and quality care and feeds, Oasis Agro’s pullets are raised to reach high levels of productivity and to sustain this high performance over a long period, enabling clients to achieve maximum profitability.

Feed Distributors

Nature Pro has distributors located throughout Kyrgyzstan. All Nature Pro distributors have been thoroughly trained to provide the same high quality feeds and service as our own Nature Pro staff.

Contact: Bakyt
+996 709 30 04 65

Sokuluk Region
Contact: Marat
+996 551 12 67 35

Contact: Ergesh
+996 555 70 21 51

Contact: Ahmet
+996 552 11 22 46

Kara Balta
Contact: Jengish
+996 770 90 99 28

Contact: Mahabaht
+996 551 43 85 03

Contact: Tilek
+996 778 50 97 11

Contact: Baimurat
+996 771 32 33 23

Contact: Juma
+996 555 76 67 93

Contact: Rustam
+996 705 13 08 82

Sales Rep: Alisher

Oasis Agro
45 Musaev Street, Osh, Kyrgyzstan


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